The Killing Recap: Video Killed the Incumbent

After last night’s episode, I might have to take back my statement that Richmond’s election plotline has been the most sluggish one of the season. I care very little about the grand reveal of what he was up to the night Rosie Larsen was killed, but man, could I watch the characters on This Show fiddle around with his uploaded basketball video forever. The only thing that would’ve made those scenes more entertaining to watch is if Ray the tech guy had been in my living room, teaching me how to zoom in on the screen.

For those of you who don’t have a DVR at home, I need you to understand that the previously uploaded Richmond campaign videos, clearly visible on the side of the page, have titles like "Richmond speaks to people at public library" and "News conference on Saturday" and that they were uploaded by user 24,251 and each have 24,523 views (more than twice as many as the basketball video got). You might think I’m nitpicking here and that no one except me would ever bother to watch and rewind this scene as many times as I did, but I am actually making a real point here which is this: just because The Killing can get away with phoning it in doesn’t mean that it should. Read More...


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