The Borgias Sneak Peeks: The Pope Has a New Taster and a Wild Son

Juan Borgia is pretty much falling apart right now. He has a bum leg, a venereal disease, no allies, and no duty, as Rodrigo stripped him of his military responsibility on last night's episode. He's on the edge of doing something even more heinous than his past actions, one more slight enough to turn the knife from his enemies to himself. How does The Borgias handle a character this close to ending it all?

By having his brother put back in charge of him. With his high hopes for Juan becoming an asset dashed once again, Rodrigo has put Cesare in the role of brother's keeper, responsible for making sure Juan doesn't fly even more off the handle and do irreparable damage to himself, his family, and the Chair of Saint Peter. It's almost poetic, really, considering the fact that Juan tried to throw Cesare under the bus for the Forli attack's mishandling. Now the more responsibly Borgia brother, himself eager to assume Juan's position as a military figure, has to put pride aside and aid his father in his quest to stop the political bleeding. But will he? Read More...


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