'Mad Men's' Jared Harris on Lane Pryce's suicide solution


Lane Pryce's suicide on Sunday's (June 3) episode of "Mad Men" was, says actor Jared Harris, his character's final F.U. to Don Draper and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce -- a company where he believed he'd never got his due in terms of stature and financial gain."It was vindictive and it was a passive aggressive act," says Harris in a conference call the day after his character's exit from the show. "His choice of doing it there was a f*** you to the office and to Don. And the topper to that was the boiler plate suicide note. He's trying to dig a hole and make Don feel like he was wrong and make them feel as bad as they made him feel.""It was a cowardly act," he adds.Even though Harris is sorry to leave a show that he describes as "still building," he gets show creator Matt Weiner's decision to end Lane Pryce's life when...



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