'The Bachelorette': Ryan Bowers will never be The Bachelor


Chris Harrison shows up at the top of the hour on "The Bachelorette," sporting some kicky purple cuffs, to inform the guys that there are three dates, including the dreaded two-on-one, and that they are headed to Bermuda! Wooooo!Emily is already there, having a blast with Ricki. It's super cool she gets to travel along, that's a great experience for her. As long as she doesn't know her mom's off smooching 12 different guys every night. Heh.The guys apparently rode there in a scooter gang, which is one of the funniest visuals the show has ever done. Alejandro calls the suite breathtaking and that might be the first words we've heard him say on camera since he introduced himself to Emily. Is he going to be a factor this episode?Doug's DateBefore the date, Doug is kind of freaking out a bit and dropping f-bombs left and right, as the guys push his buttons. Wow, he's...



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