'The Bachelorette' Recap: Tears Takeover Bermuda

It's week four and our bachelorette is excited to begin the next step of her amazing journey in which the negotiated part of her contract allows Little Ricki and her school tutor to travel the world with high hopes that Emily finds true love somewhere between Charlotte and the Florida Keys. And what better place to discover love than Bermuda? During hurricane season! Ah yes. Nothing says romance like gale force winds, constant rain storms and a trip to the local perfumery.

Ironically, Little Ricki displayed more maturity when she was frolicking in the cold ocean or counting newly hatched baby chickens in the hotel garden than most of the men vying for Emily's love and affection. I've compiled a list of classic children's songs to commemorate the complete and utter juvenile behavior exhibited in the episode. Read More...



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