SE5EP4 - Jack of All Trades

Well, I'll admit, this show, (in my opinion), is awesome. But this episode was a bit empty. Once again you see that Larry and Amita still can't solve a case by themselves, you wonder if they ever really could? I mean it was a good excuse to get Charlie back to the FBI, but it seemed like they could never do anything right. I don't see how Don and Charlie got off the hook so easily either, without any explanation other than, "I suppose this is the future of the FBI, getting things done." With the offbeat case of a 18 year old Con-Man eluding a veteran FBI agent (Bloom) making it even more confusing. I don't think that the "Con-Man" even did anything directly to Agent Bloom. In the end Don does the right thing anyway. I think the show is veering towards the characters rather than the cases or even the math at this point, there's a lot less explanations, theories, etc. I did like the part with Alan's park though, and how he'll build another part to CalSci.


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