Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Scoop: There's a new 'A' in Town...And He/She is Causing Trouble

If there's any Pretty Little Liars fans out there who thought that the unmasking of Mona as 'A' would mean peace in Rosewood, then you're in for a surprise.  Season 3 of the show (premiering tonight), makes it very clear that a new 'A' has stepped up to fill the vacancy now that Mona is stuck in a mental hospital (watch a trailer).  And this 'A' might be even more dangerous than the last one.

The 'A' Team. In the season 2 finale, Mona told Spencer that there was a team of people working with her.  That's precisely what we're going to examine this season.  "Is there an 'A' team? If so, is Mona working for someone? Is she calling the shots? That’s the big question. That’s what season 3 is going to delve into. They’ll be some shockers coming up," Janel Parrish (Mona) warned.  Keegan Allen (Toby) put forward the question: "Is Mona just an arm to a huge body of people? Is that how this is going to be? We don’t know. That’s kind of half the fun of watching the show. We don’t know what will happen. You never really know what is behind that veil." Read More...


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