'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 premiere: The real 'A' plays with body parts


"Pretty Little Liars" returned for Season 3 Tuesday night with a brief respite from the "A" shenanigans only to thrust our Liars back into quite the web. The big twist of the week is that Mona was just "A's" puppet - at least, that's what we take from the end of the episode. "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts" - A. Which says to us that someone more serious (probably Ali and Maya's killer) is really pulling the strings. This is an excellent turn of events, because the Mona as "A" thing never really set right with us. We're glad the show acknowledged she could not have done all of that by herself. It's also interesting that Ali's body was stolen - to what end, do you suppose? Covering up evidence, since it was due to be exhumed? The other thing that really stood out to us was that Ella and Byron...



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