Alice Morgan one sexy psycho!!!!


when you first read this you are probably thinking WTF is wrong with me?

The character of Alice Morgan is introduced to the audience when she puts a bullet into her Dad whilst listening to his Ipod, mummy gets smoked whilst having a lie in and to top it off she cut up the dog!!

BUT my sidereeliens there is something mad attractive about a woman who will kill anyone who upsets the man she has feelings for?

such as the paedophile who awoke from his coma ready to implicate Luther on attempted manslaughter because it interfered with Luther's social visits

Or getting Luther's ex-wife's new man beaten up, then having the cheek to pop around their house an confess to doing it like "no hard feelings old chap"

Even though I would definitely "give her one" I would also have to think twice about staying out for one more pint after the England game!


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