Teen Wolf “Shape Shifted” Review

Shape shifted? That’s an understatement. Okay Teen Wolf, what the hell was that?!?

I suppose I should backtrack a bit.

The full moon brought more than blood lust to the second episode of Teen Wolf. Not only was Isaac confirmed as the newest member of Derek’s pack, we got a very sad, disturbing look at why Isaac wanted the bite. It turned out that Isaac didn’t even need to become a werewolf to get away from his abusive dad because some freakish, mysterious creature devoured him before the opening credits. It was really sweet to see Scott take personal responsibility for Isaac’s well being during the full moon. However it was equally frustrating to watch him turn down Derek’s offer to teach him how to maximize his abilities when Scott has proven so ill-equipped. Surely there was a simpler way to figure out who the other werewolf was on the lacrosse team. Read More...



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