C' mon I know you was thinking it too

I must admit my patience with this show is running thin

Although there is a cliff hanger on the horizon which has me on the edge of my keyboard. How is Valerie Stevens the character played by Lourdes Benedicto going to take the news that she is carrying a "lizard baby"?

I see some serious post-natal depression coming on! I mean how are the writers going to handle this major event in the plot, surely they are not gonna feed us the love conquerors all line and Father Jack Landry is going to perform the baptism?

Or what about the fact that she was humping and extraterrestrial? I guess if he is hung it has nothing to do with the fact that he is black, I can imagine the Jerry Springer show as I type "My baby's Daddy is from a galaxy far far away"

What ever happens I hope its good as being a syfy fan I have high expectation of my story lines

But givn the fact that women (and men) have no problems screwing dead people in "true blood" and soldiers are knocking up robots in "BattleStar Galactica" perhaps an intergalactic babymother is not far fetched



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Apr 26, 2010 11:46AM EDT

feels like ryan is the only one that would know what to do with the baby so it seems kinda stupid of her to just walk around with it but i guess its syfy...

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