'America's Got Talent' Recap: Saving the Best for Last

A second night of auditions in Texas yielded a refreshingly diverse cast of Vegas-bound hopefuls. I can't help but contemplate the power of the editing process when comparing last night's Austin auditions to tonight's. Gone were all of the traditionally Texan trappings and the America's Got Talent stage was instead dominated by an eclectic assortment of impressive acts.

But first, the Montage of Horror, because there wasn't nearly enough fodder for the cannon last night and my life was profoundly empty as a result. Let's see, there was that guy in zebra pink hotpants and an unfortunately out of tune R&B group. We saw the lockjaw-afflicted Doppelganger Circus Sideshow whose name was more awesome than that actual act. And of course, we must mention Richard Grossman, the woefully off-tempo opera singer who didn't appreciate Howard Stern's "rudeness." I was bracing myself for a phenomenal war of words between the two, but ended up sadly disappointed when the judges hurried through their votes and shooed Grossman from the stage. Read More...



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