'Mad Men': Is Sally Draper's storyline 'child exploitation'?


In Thursday's (June 7) New York Post, TV critic Linda Stasi takes "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner to task for, in words, "child exploitation" and "Hollywood perversity." Weiner, she accuses, is guilty of over-sexualizing Sally Draper's storyline and exposing the actress who plays her -- 12-year-old Kiernan Shipka -- to child predators.I hate even having to address this, but the first thing I thought when Sally hit her big milestone on Sunday's show was "someone's going to take this the wrong way." Stasi, conveniently stepped up. It just took her a few days. Sally -- and Weiner -- deserve a sane point of view. So here we are.Stasi writes:"When [Sally] gets stomach pains she runs to the bathroom, where she pulls up her dress, pulls down her underpants, squats on the toilet and there, in close-up yet, they show her little-girl, white cotton underpants soiled with her first menstrual blood ... Excuse me? That is...



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