Jane by Design Sneak Peeks: Jane Gets Caught in the Middle of Jeremy and Eli

The introduction of Eli into the world of Jane by Design and Donovan Decker was bound to cause a major ripple effect. Gray's nephew being named the replacement for India immediately put his credentials in the spotlight, as nobody really knew who he was, where he came from, or what experience that he had in the fashion world aside from who his aunt is. He may be able to talk a big game about the love he has for design,  but does he have the goods to back it up?

According to Jeremy, at least, he doesn't, but then again, maybe Jeremy's not the most impartial of parties to go by. Not only did Eli take the job of his former flame, he managed to come through the door flirting with Jane and since Jeremy isn't quite over her yet, he didn't take that kindly to Eli. We'll have to see Eli in action in order to (impartially) judge his ability in the fashion world, but for now, he's a bit more of a(n unintentional?) pot stirrer than he is a contributor to Donovan Decker's success. Read More...



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