The Knight Fell-House 6x18 Review

House is a medical drama. It is known for its kind of over the top medical mystery. But it is the manner they handle the medical mystery that makes the show worthwhile.

For the past couple of episodes, the medical mystery storyline is becoming poorer. This week, I would say was relatively better in the sense that non-physicians can follow. Although we may not understand what they are talking about immediately, we can at least use the slow motion button and try to take down notes.

The case? A knight named Sir William fights Horace the Black in a Renaissance Fare to give honor to the Queen. He wins, of course, but as the queen rushes to the victorious knight, he falls and his sclera is turns bloody red. Bla bla bla. yada yada yada. He has anabolic steroid abuse! I changed my mind. the medical storyline was still blah.

What made it worthwhile , instead, was the drama. Okay, the knight's story was cute as he was loyal to his oath to his King, even though he has a huge thing for the Queen, aka his friend's girlfriend. But as it progressed it just was annoying.

House and Wilson's new girlfriend/ex-wife, Sam, had a very interesting introduction as she walked into the kitchen with House naked. 1) Why is he naked??? and 2) it sent House nuts knowing that Sam is the same Samantha that drove Wilson to the edge a decade or so ago. The Knight theme played out well because we were introduced to a selfless House, who, through this episode, made me laugh with his attempts to drive Sam off.

Now, my fellow medieval people, I am in a rush back to reality and as much as I would like to dissect this episode, I'd leave that to next week so we can at least pretend House is getting better each week.

And even if it isn't I would still keep on watching it because Robert Chase is just getting hotter by the episode.

So Ladies, you with me ?


Here's my rating ***/*****


Default avatar cat
Apr 23, 2010 10:58AM EDT

Dude, they thought it was hemlock but in the end it was revealed that is was actually steroids the knight took.

Apr 23, 2010 8:01PM EDT

oops yeah lol. alright hold on. i forgot. sorry was rushing. here goes

Apr 23, 2010 8:04PM EDT

thanks dude :p

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