'Falling Skies' Star Connor Jessup Previews Season 2

The aliens are back when TNT's Falling Skies returns for its second season on June 17. Before the next chapter, I recently caught up with Connor Jessup, who plays Ben Mason, to ask him what it's like to be in the middle of an alien invasion.

"I was very fortunate this season," he told me. "The storyline of Ben and what's happening to him, and his development and interactions, is pretty much one of the 'A' stories of the season. Every episode, pretty much, develops that storyline in some way. But you can expect a Ben that is much more involved, much more on the front lines, and also very involved in the central mysteries of the show."

Comparing that to where his character was during the show's first run, "Last season was not as difficult. Last season, my character, for the first five episodes, he was a zombie pretty much. But last season, there were a lot of similarities between me and the character. He's kind of passive, bookish, he's not the action hero.

"But this season, with the three-month time gap in between, he's the action hero. He's become violent and aggressive and very physical, and that's very different from who I am. It was a challenge," Connor explained.



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