'Bachelorette' Castoff Charlie Grogan: Talking to Emily was 'Kind of Like I was Talking to the Wall'

We didn't learn much about Charlie Grogan, even though he spent four weeks in front of our faces trying to woo Emily Maynard. Sadly, his most memorable moments were relatively embarrassing ones, but also humanizing, sympathy-inducing ones: First, when he had trouble with his lines on the Muppet date and confided in Emily about his ongoing recovery from his devastating head injury. And this week, in Bermuda, when he cried after his team lost the sailing race. Hey -- at least he's not the only guy who's cried this season.

But now that months have passed since Emily withheld a rose from him that week in Bermuda, Charlie's keeping his chin up. Maybe because, as Charlie tells it, he and Emily never had a spark to begin with -- even though, and viewers never knew this, they'd met once before. Here are the highlights from Charlie's conference call with the media today:



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