Saving Hope “Pilot” Review

The TV medical drama is in an interesting place these days. We’ve now seen tons of different iterations of the medical drama. Granted, some of have been wildly successful while others have quickly floundered. For every House, there’s about 2 or 3 Miami Medicals. The real problem is that we are running out of ways to scope a medical series. We’ve seen the comedy (Scrubs), the medicalmystery/romantic drama (Grey’s Anatomy), and even a Sherlock Holmes twist (House). Judging by the preview of what’s to come for next season, it doesn’t look like we have any groundbreaking medicaldramas on their way.

Because of all of the above reasons, I really appreciate what Saving Hope is trying to do. They are taking a stab at doing something a little different by mixing their medicine and some metaphysics. They take the Chief of Surgery at Hope-Zion Hospital, Charlie Harris (played pretty well by Michael Shanks), and put him in a coma thanks to a car accident on the way to his wedding with surgical resident Alex Reid (played by Erica Durance). However, our friend Charlie is not going to remain a vegetable. Instead, his spirit is knocked out of his body and he roams the hospital musing on life, death, love, and other things. And why not? The man has a lot of time to think now. Read More... 


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