Piranha 3DD - SideReel Review

Piranha 3DD - SideReel Review

The pesky piranhas are back for more in this gore-soaked sequel that continues the silly steak of boobs, blood, and bad taste. This time, Feast helmer John Gulager takes the reins and delivers a follow-up that will make the easy-to-please, T&A-loving horror audience happy. Piranha 3DD does go the extra outrageous mile with such gags as a piranha interrupting a coitus session and Ving Rhames turning up and blowing away piranhas with his gun legs (never mind the many jokes involving David Hasselhoff), yet in spite of all this, the sequel comes off like a half-flat soda on a hot day -- still tasty, but just not as good as it could be.

The stakes are amped up to a new extreme thanks to the film changing locations from a lakefront resort to a water park that the razor-toothed vermin can run rampant in. Danielle Panabaker stars as the heir to a water park that she co-owns with her sleazy stepfather Chet (played by funnyman David Koechner), who, unbeknownst to her, has drilled deep into an underground lake in order to cut expenses. Of course, this moronic gaffe releases a hoard of prehistoric piranhas that burst into the park and use it as a bikini-clad buffet. Back for more over-the-top fun is Christopher Lloyd, reprising his role as the wacked-out scientist from the previous film. Other notable cameos include Gary Busey, Paul Scheer, and Clu Gulager, the director’s father (perhaps best known for starring in Return of the Living Dead).

The sequel definitely has fun playing with the three dimensions, although many audiences won’t be able to experience it that way, since the movie was only rolled out to limited theaters at the same time it was released on various video-on-demand outlets. And while one could safely assume that the crew had a blast on the set (see the expansive blooper reel during the end credits for proof), it seems they thought a lot of the jokes were funnier than they actually are onscreen. Yet the film can only be criticized so much -- sure, it might be more wacky than witty, but the bouncing bloody breasts run aplenty, which is basically what the filmmakers were hired to deliver. This is raunchy B-movie mayhem that’ll have the beer-swillin’ horror bros slapping their knees at the hot chick running around with a piranha biting her butt…on second thought, that is pretty funny. If any of this sounds good to you, by all means, crack a cold one and go nuts. Piranha 3DD is what it is -- and it just might be what you’re looking for.

-Jeremy Wheeler


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