'Common Law's' Michael Ealy: 'The whole point of the buddy cop comedy is they have to disagree'


Zap2it: What sort of vibe are you going for with "Common Law"?Michael Ealy: The show is influenced by those great '80s buddy cop movies, whether it be "48 HRS.," "Lethal Weapon," even "Stir Crazy." The whole point of the buddy cop comedy is they have to disagree. You have to fall in love with both characters. They've got to complement each other and at the same time be the only two guys who can push each other's buttons.Zap2it: How did you and Warren Kole develop your chemistry?Michael Ealy: This might sound completely manufactured and phony, but we did not do anything to bolster chemistry. It was there. I read with a lot of guys for that character, and the chemistry between me and Warren, it's just there. For the pilot, everybody was astounded that there was so much chemistry between us. Even I was when I saw it. I was like, "Wow. Yeah."Zap2it: Does the...



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