The Legend of Korra Episode 9 Review: Searching for Korra (and Flashbacks)

The Legend of Korra served up a beautiful mix of back-story, plot and all important action this week, as episode nine; Out of the Past, delved into Korra’s visions and dealt with her friends looking for her, following her kidnapping last week at the hands of Tarrlok.

In a cellar with a box in it, Korra’s feet are floating through the air; Tarrlok is Bloodbending, controlling her. He floats her down the stairs and locks her in the metal box. It has an open-square railed roof she can see out of but she’s trapped. Guess she hasn’t learned Metalbending as well as Airbending yet. Tarrlok leaves and gets in his car. His cabin is in the snowy mountains, far away from Republic City. Read More...


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