'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Nice Day for A Gay Wedding

Half of our heroines are still currently in Chicago, staying in the Hotel Sax. That sounds so much like 'sex,' but with an 'a.' We're off to a good, mature start on my end already. Jacqueline's husband Chris is just lounging around, reading In Touch like most red-blooded male Americans. Of course he has a relatively good reason: Teresa and little Gabriella (I think) are looking all perky and "Terrified of Being Pale" on the cover with the headline "I'm Terrified of Being Poor." They also appear to be at the beach. Perhaps they are using that little beep-beep machine to find metal? (My internet is very delightfully broken so I cannot look up what that thing actually is, but I hope you are amused all the same.) Jacqueline and Chris get a real kick out of the dog that Teresa, a notorious hater of all things fuzzy (with the exception of her cro-mag husband), is snuggling. But what they find inside is not so funny. We see the words "Bullied by Friends For Being Broke" and Jacqueline gasps "Caroline?!" Read More...



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