Catapulting to the future- Grey's Anatomy 6x17 Preview

A friendly competition, a pinch of persistence, even a heated push, does go a long way.

Without it, the world would crumble before our eyes. We'll stick with status quo, become complacent and lazy. Newsflash: most of what the world enjoys comes from the efforts of individuals who, without the support and propelling of the people and things around them, might have simply sat down and let futility wash over them.

As such is highlighted by the professional competition to have control over an elaborate case between Dr. Richard Webber, former Chief of Surgery, and Dr. Owen Hunt, head of Trauma Surgery. After crossing paths last week with Dr. Harper Avery, a very strong and influential figure in Medicine, Richard decides to resume his Research work and perhaps win for himself the prestigious Harper Avery award. Of course, before doing so, he has to come up with a groundbreaking medical discovery. It's of perfect timing because he is no longer Chief and therefore can resume his love for medicine and not have to deal with administrative crap. What a great way to redeem himself from shame than by hurling back into surgery winning a prestigious award. Now I'm guessing from the looks of it, what they're fighting for is a rare and complicated tumor case. He and Hunt have different approaches with the former wanting a methodical and intricate approach, while the latter opts for trauma damage control. I wonder where and what the tumor is. Too bad they couldn't work together because the Harper Avery Award is an individual award. With that and an award hungry girlfriend, Owen couldn't really back down could he. That's definitely going to be an interesting brawl, eh, competition rather. Meanwhile in another floor, Lexie seems to be too affected over a case she works with Arizona. The child seemed pale and perhaps dying. She is seen to break down outside a door, probably that of the patient.

But work is not the only aspect of life that people needs motivation for. Most of the time, people need others to advice them and point out what they want and what they need. Both of which is perfectly played by Callie as she humorously advices Bailey on her date with the anesthesiologist, and then tells Mark to ask Teddy on a date. Callie and Arizona are great together especially with their matchmaking skills. Their infectious chemistry and perkiness is all the drive you need in the love department. Miranda on a Sex date enough proof of the couple's ability? =)

Perhaps we don't appreciate being pushed to breaking point, but it really does make productive outcomes. At the end of the day, all the propelling turn out to be the best thing that has even happened to any of us. We come out of things enhanced and more useful.

We come out winners.

I already am a winner to be able to watch Grey's Anatomy this week, preparing for the rerun next week. =)

Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursday, March 11, 2010 9/8c at ABC starring Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens, Sara Ramirez, Eric Dane, Kevin McKidd, Jessica Capshaw, and Patrick Dempsey.


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