Nurse Jackie “Are Those Feathers” Review

I enter this week’s episode with one question on my mind: What will Mike Cruz do next? His cold firings of the staff from All Saints Hospital was downright invigorating. When I’m eventually fired by my editors here, I hope they can do as cool as he did it.

What came out as a result is one of the finer episodes that I have seen of Nurse Jackie. The thing thatNurse Jackie does exceedingly well is take darker tones like death (both literal and metaphorical) and spin it into comedy. In order to accomplish that goal this week, they turned to a lot of the old favorites (with small twists) that we have come to enjoy over the past few years. The show always functions better when it operates as a workplace comedy. The outside stuff like Kevin, the divorce, and rehab can effectively add to the drama, but they never can replace it. Watching Jackie and the wacky cast of characters do their thing in the hospital is always a joy. Read More... 


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