'The Bachelorette': Emily loses her mind over Kalon's 'baggage' comment


It's London, baby! "Bachelorette" Emily and Ricki traipse around London - "it's so old." Which is true, but also a hilarious way to say it. The shots of the city are making me ... homesick (?), whatever the word is, because I studied in London one year and it was amazing. Favorite city, easily. Sean's DateCutie blonde Sean gets the first date and he and Emily tour London in their own double-decker bus. Hmm. I would poke fun at such a tourist-y thing to do, but I really enjoyed my double-decker bus tour. Emily espousing details like a tour guide is a little weird - is the London Visitors Bureau making her do that as part of the deal. They are kind of big dorks wandering the city.Meanwhile, back in the hotel, Kalon and Jefffff are annoyed they are perpetual group-daters. Then Kalon cracks that pretty much any date is going to be a group...



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