Bunheads 1.01 "Pilot" Review

The moment I fell in love with Bunheads was thanks to one simple, naturalistic scene buried later in the episode. After ditching the "wedding party" thrown for her by her new mother-in-law (and featuring the entire town of Paradise, California), former Vegas showgirl and classically trained ballerina Michelle heads out of the house and into the nearby dance studio to find four young dancers having a party of their own. Rather than busting their chops and breaking up the festivities, she fields questions about her career and leads the aspiring hoofers in a simulated Broadway audition, complete with encouraging words, line-up shifts, and multiple practice runs before the talent had to be "evaluated". It was a little goofy and not the flashiest or most emotionally affecting scene in the pilot, but it contained the type of enthusiasm for dance, colorful dialogue, and character beats through movement that a show like Bunheads can use to its advantage if it knows how. Read More...



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