The Big C “Vaya Con Dios” Review

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I missed reviewing last week’s episode of The Big C. As people who follow these reviews regularly may have noticed, I have been way down on this season as a whole. Therefore, when it was time to catch up on last week’s episode so I could have some context for this week, I sighed deeply, gritted my teeth, and pressed play on the remote. What I was met with was rather surprising.

The episode was still fairly ridiculous, but we got an opportunity to set up some things that have the potential to be quite interesting. On top of that, several people are finally starting to confront Cathy on her craziness, her hypocritical tendencies, and her general stupidity. While I wouldn’t call myself excited for this episode, I am at least intrigued by the possibilities of what could happen here. Read More... 


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