Drop Dead Diva “Home” Review

In ‘Home’, this week’s episode of Drop Dead Diva, a teenager looking to be emancipated gets a nasty surprise when its revealed that he was kidnapped as a toddler, a case which leads to Jane being temporarily locked up; Kim has to defend her estranged father when he’s accused of unlawful detainer after squatting in his ex-boss’ house; Stacey and new friend Nikki consider setting up a business after Stacey accidentally creates ‘pake’, a pie-cake combination; and Grayson finally attempts to approachJane about her being Deb — and gets his heart broken.

There are times when I want a lawyer on hand when watching DDD, just so I can ask whether these cases are solved in a realistic way, or as realistic as can be on a slightly cheesy dramedy series. I’m fairly sure that Jane’s case wouldn’t have stood up in a real court of law, but it was a sappy and heartwarming tale of family and hidden pasts, both of letting go and holding on. Read More...



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