Pretty Little Liars: What Really Happened That Night?

Pretty Little Liars returned for a new season this past Tuesday on ABC Family, starting off five months after the death of Maya St. Germain with our four heroines gathered at Spencer’s house where they talk about all the things each of them did over the summer. It would seem that Spencer is taking a full load of classes at Hollis College, Aria beat out a horde of applicants for a coveted photographer class, Emily built houses in Haiti and Hanna attempted to check off her "bucket" list for the summer with the major accomplishment being that she took a cooking class with Caleb.

But, the girls’ calm over "A" being out of the picture is not so easily put to rest as in the middle of the night, Emily disappears from the house, being found in the cemetery at Allison’s grave where an empty casket is found. Hoping they have gone unseen by any prying eyes – "A" is in the nut house after all, right? – the girls wipe clean the shovel that was in Emily’s hands, bury it and hightail it for the Hasting’s lake house, using a cover story that they went there for the weekend. Read More... 


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