Mad Men “The Phantom” Review

After such a shocking pentimulate episode, it’s a toss-up as to whether the final episode of Mad Men’sfifth season, "The Phantom," was slow and anti-climactic or subtle and mysterious. I choose to go with the latter. There might not have been as much drama as the week before, but there was a wonderful sense that for these characters, the future looks as bleak as it does bright.

Absent last week, Peggy showed up, much to my relief. Although her appearances were small, they were very telling. At her new company, she has underlings, the full faith of her boss, and the opportunity to travel to exotic places like Virginia. When she accidentally ran into Don at the movie theatre, she was able to say a few of the things she was too emotional to say when she resigned. But it was her last line that stuck with me. Asking about Megan, she told Don that they should all get together soon. It was exactly the sort of thing you always say, but never do. Read More... 


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