Jane by Design 1.12 "The Celebrity" Review

Jane Quimby is we and we is Jane Quimby. Or something.

The major appeal that somebody like Jane has is that she's meant to represent the every(wo)man, the underdog. We're supposed to almost like vicariously live through her trip into the fashion underworld, as dreams are being fulfilled, victories are being earned, and the weird, whimsical kid in her class finally comes into her own. It makes following her journey on Jane by Design both enjoyable and frustrating, though; while you want to see Jane continue to grow and learn more about the business we call fashion, the closeness that we feel to her and the kinship that has been formed amplifies mistakes. Jane has been pretty okay at handling herself in the adult world, but once she slips, it tends to lead to cringe-y moments and some major secondhand embarrassment. Read More...



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