Jane by Design Sneak Peeks: Jane Meets Zoe

You have to wonder why Jeremy seemed to willingly go over to the dark side on the last episode of Jane by Design. He may have been blackmailed by India for his role as the mole, but he has a plan, right? He can't possibly be willing to put up with India's demands without having something ready to reverse things. Right?

In a sneak peek from the next episode of Jane by Design, titled "The Surprise", Jeremy shows signs of not being totally complicit in India's plan to take down Gray and Jane. It's pretty telling that India has had other people doing her dirty work upon her return, first with Aiden and now Jeremy, this time getting Jeremy to find out the password on Gray's computer. With her hatred of Gray and Jane burning pretty darn brightly, look for Jeremy to have to fend off more stuff like this before either confess himself or outsmarting India.

Jane and Billy have had a decidedly awkward beginning to this half-season, all types of unspoken feelings and missed connections, and that only increases with the introduction of Billy's new friend. Can Jane put on a brave face around the increasingly close twosome or will she have to have distance from her once-inseparable best friend? Read More...



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