Franklin & Bash “Viper” Review – Super Heroes and Moms Make for a Fun Combo

In tonight’s episode of Franklin & Bash, called "Viper," the boys defend a real-life super hero. Well sorta. Sean Astin guest stars as Viper, a parking ticket enforcer by day and a super hero by night. When a man is killed during one of Viper’s pursuits, the boys have to prove that the man in the tights and cape did not actually kill the bad guy. Funny since that’s usually what’s supposed to happen in any super hero movie that I’ve seen. What they end up proving is that Viper didn’t kill the creep, but he also wasn’t as much of a hero as he was scared for his life. Poor guy.

Meanwhile, things are getting pretty hot and heavy between Peter and Officer Wendy. Well, that is until Peter’s mom (played wonderfully by the beautiful Jane Seymour) drops in for a visit. Turns out she may have been scammed out of her home and needs help from (gasp!) Karp to get it back. Having Peter’s mom in this episode was great. Colleen stole every scene she was in tonight and I for one hope that we see her back again. Read More... 


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