'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Blood Is The New Black'

I've never been big on baubles myself, but I have to believe many girls have daydreamed about receiving a plush-lined box from a certain secret admirer. Though, I also suspect, they never pictured it filled with human teeth!

Such was the case for Emily during last night's "Pretty Little Liars" as she discovered a necklace of chompers in her backpack. The strand's beads menacingly spelled out, "Dead Girls Can't Smile." Em—rightfully—dashed out of class with the liars hot on her heels. Crammed into a single bathroom stall, the four debated what they should do with the evidence, when butterfingers prevailed and it took a dive into the toilet. And thanks to that pesky auto-flush (darn you, Advanced Bathroom Technology!), the necklace was sent swimming into the sewers of Rosewood. Gosh, these girls are destroying evidence now without even trying! Resolving to get answers, Hanna promised to visit Mona while Spencer said she'd make another trip to the jail to see Garrett. Read More...



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