'The Glass House' live feeds reveal Mike kills baby bunnies


"The Glass House" live feeds continue to be a little baffling - Wednesday, June 13, the houseguests were made to answer a question about their biggest mistake or regret, one by one. And they could do it in front of the other guests or they could go off somewhere private. Mike, the 48-year-old Bar mitzvah DJ, told this horrendous story about how one time he hit a bunny with his car - which, fine. Sometimes you hit things, it's horrible. But he shared that the bunny wasn't dead, and he didn't know what to do, so he backed over it. And it still wasn't dead! So he continued to go back and forth over it and it took forever to die.If that weren't horrible enough, he reveals that off to the side of the road, he saw that there were like 10 baby bunnies - he had hit the mother. So he ran over all...



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