TV Review: Old Faces Outshine the New on TNT’s Dallas Reboot

The split-screened, wealth-drunk opening credits of TNT’s Dallas reboot got my blood pumping, and not just because I grew up in the title town and still feel a perverse pride in the spell that the show cast over America during my youth. The new show’s appeal is nostalgic in more ways than one. The daytime soap is almost extinct nowadays. Its DNA has been absorbed into pretty much every serialized drama on TV, including Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and other critical faves. But the ancestral version of the form still has a low charge; the buzz surrounding ABC’s Revenge and Scandal — poker-faced nighttime soaps that revel in sex, money, power, and stoooopid plot twists — prove it. There’s a place for cunning TV that aims only to entertain. Sometimes when you’re hungry you don’t want frog-leg risotto or farm-raised steamed halibut in beet sauce; you want barbecued beef on a paper plate, pink in the middle, with fries so greasy that their scent makes your heart shudder. Read More...


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