Dallas Review: One Hell of a Ride

I grew up on the original Dallas but I was a little hesitant when I heard it was coming back. So many of these series remakes haven't lived up to my expectations and I didn't want to be disappointed by an old favorite. Even some of the cast voiced concerns in this recent Dallas interview

Thankfully, none of us needed to worry.

Wow! Just wow! That's the thought I walked away with after watching the new Dallas.  "Changing of the Guard" is good and more importantly, it's fun.  They haven't forgotten their history.  They're reveling in it and mining it for oil and so much more.

Where's J.R.?  Oh my.  It was so sad to see J.R. practically catatonic and in the throws of a deep depression. The scene with Bobby coming to visit him broke my heart. Despite all of the bitterness, back stabbing, and bad blood between these two brothers, deep down they've always loved one another. They just had a funny way of showing it sometimes…most times. Read More...



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