Suits Season 2 Premiere Review: Protect Your Own

The return of Hardman, a blocked merger, an angry girlfriend and having your former best friend rat you out to one of your bosses and cost you your job?

Yeah, that’s Mike’s life alright, and it all came crashing down on him on the Suits season 2 premiere, "She Knows."

I almost thought that Jessica Hardman had bought into Mike’ s story that he was "not like the other kids." But I have to give her credit for not only seeing right through it, but calling Harvey out on it directly.

I do believe there was at least one portion of Mike’s tale that was completely and utterly true, and that was his reason for choosing law. It was about time we learned what led to the untimely and tragic death of Mike’s beloved parents. Who knew they died at the hands of a drunk driver, and that Mike was aware they had a case against the restaurant that provided "Mr. Fenton" with the alcohol impairment that led to the accident? That was some really powerful stuff. Read More...


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