The Big C “Fly Away” Season Finale Review

I apologize for misleading you.

Last week, I stated that the past few episodes of The Big C had taken us to a place that, while ridiculous, at least was dealing with Cathy and her crazy ways. It wasn’t great television, but at least it was starting to make some more sense. Even Cathy was starting to acknowledge that she was behaving rather poorly. If nothing else, I thought that we would get an engaging close to a rather disappointing season. Turns out, I was hoodwinked.

First off, Cathy decides to take off in her scuba gear into the middle of the ocean and away from her boat and dive buddy, Sean. Granted, Sean was busy with a very specific type of well-shaped water animal, but he didn’t stray too far. Yet somehow, Cathy ends up in the middle of the ocean. Seemed like a creaky plot device to get Cathy to someone that she could talk to*, but I was willing to go with it anyway. Read More... 


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