'Girls' season finale: Your dreams are not what you thought they'd be


HBO's "Girls" are "Living the dream: One mistake at a time," and the season finale ambushed viewers with the biggest lapse in judgement yet, courtesy of brash boho Jessa. The "dream" is to survive one's mid-twenties in contemporary New York, find love, jobs -- and that's about it, for now. Despite all the backlash and hyped up commentary about what "Girls" lacks in diversity, says as a "voice of a generation," or portrays in its sex scenes and characters' neuroses, it's still a 30-minute comedy that packs stronger autobiographical elements than standard life lessons or moral advice. The dazed and melancholy ending to Season 1 is a reminder that this is the story of Lena Dunham's composite characters trying to make it work, for better (but often worse). As Hannah wakes up at the end of the season finale in Coney Island and wonders where she is and what's transpired, the audience feels the...



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