The Glades “Longworth’s Anatomy” Review

Poor Daniel. In this week’s episode of The Glades, "Longworth’s Anatomy," he came so close to getting a girlfriend and a life…only to be totally blocked by his dedication to law enforcement. At least he’ll have his man-crush on Jim to keep him warm at night.

Daniel’s big mistake was roping Carlos into performing an autopsy for his gross anatomy class; of course Carlos realized after two seconds of examining the body that the victim had been murdered. In the process of solving that murder, they uncovered another, both of which led back to a shady pharmecutical rep running drug tests on campus.

But not before Daniel’s would-be girlfriend, a fellow student in his class who happened to have dated one of the deceased, got hauled into questioning after Daniel shared his suspicions about her with Jim. Was it the right thing to do? Yes. Will he ever hear from that girl again? Probably not. Read More... 


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