Drop Dead Diva “Freak Show” Review

This week on ‘Drop Dead Diva’, Jane feels like she’s part of a ‘Freak Show’. Supposedly. Her client is Rita, an ageing woman fired from her job for apprehending a thief, but Jane’s more interested in Rita’s claim that she has her dead sister’s spirit inside of her. Meanwhile, Kim and Parker represent Owen’s sister Olivia, who wants a fair divorce settlement — and is convinced her husband Brian has been cheating on her with an AI virtual assistant.

A few things about this episode worked: the possibilities of a human cheating emotionally with an artificial intelligence, Jane and Owen’s first ‘I love you’s, Jane and Luke’s chat on the balcony. Even the twist with Nikki being a con artist worked, at least in theory.

But the execution of most of the episode was lacking. Jane’s case became convoluted and the revelation that Rita had suffered a brain injury was far less interesting than if she really had been inhabited by her sister’s spirit. And Brian using his wife’s credentials and details as the basis for his app purely because they were good for his purposes was cold. Or was it? I’m not actually sure where that storyline went — Kim decided he was either trying to impress someone at work or impress someone with his work, but he had only met the app model twice, and he wasn’t trying to impress his wife, so…who was he trying to impress? Read More...



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Jun 6, 2016 4:44PM EDT

ok so over the gray-son I'm in love with my dead girlfriend bit and wonder when will he fall in love with Jayne and not the idea of deb in Jayne's body.. The show is jumping the shark.

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