'The Bachelorette': Ryan desperately tries to talk his way into a rose


We meet up with "Bachelorette" Emily in Croatia, who says the city is like "stepping back into time." Not stepping back IN time, mind you. INTO time. Like a puddle. She also babbles something about wanting to figure out the relationships she has "no clue about." Um, you're down to like eight dudes - there are ones you have NO clue about? That's just poor time management right there.But then again - Chris says, "It's important to remind Emily who I am." Snort. Well, yeah, if she doesn't know who you are, that's tough. Also, what the hell is going on with Ryan's facial hair?! Did he not feel like the hair on his head was conveying sufficient d-baggity?Travis' DateRemember, this is the guy who brought the ostrich egg the first night. Raise your hand if you're pretty shocked he's still around? They bounce around Dubrovnik for awhile - ice cream, some stupid rock, Emily...



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