'The Glass House' premiere: Alex is completely obnoxious - love him or hate him?


Here we go, reality fans - ABC's answer to "Big Brother," "The Glass House." In case anyone cares, we watched the live feeds last week and so far, our favorites are Andrea, Kevin, Erica and Jeffrey. Alex is one of the most obnoxious reality players we've ever seen, due in large part to the fact that he thinks he's some awesome Dr. Will and he is SO not. Also, Mike kills baby bunnies and we hope he he gets evicted first (among other things).We meet the contestants and Alex is immediately obnoxious in that way that guys with no self-awareness often are - they think they're suave and smart and charismatic, when in fact they are lame and not that funny and not that cute. Jeffrey's "hot fat gay guy" intro is hilarious, while Apollo "believes" in a lot of things. Gene earns major points by saying Alex makes his "tool meter" go off. The...



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