Why did Jacob quit 'The Glass House'?


It was revealed at the end of "The Glass House" premiere Monday night (June 18) that Jacob, the 28-year-old cook from Oregon, had quit the game as soon as he was put in Limbo by virtue of being the captain of the losing team in the first challenge. Why did he quit?No one seems to know yet. His official Glass House Twitter has been quiet since June 14. We've been guessing that he quit so that his "bromance" buddy Alex could have an automatic bid back into the house, since Alex has been an obnoxious pot-stirrer since the game began. However, what Jacob doesn't know, if that is the reason, is that Alex's fate is still being voted on by the viewers - and we've got our fingers crossed America votes him out. What do you think, "Glass House" players? And check back here later - we'll update as soon as we know why Jacob...



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