'The Bachelorette' Week 6 Recap: Kilt Him with Kindness

Could anything possibly top last week's Bachelorette episode, with its Shakespeare butchery and "baggage" screamfest? We find out this week, when Emily and her remaining maybe-husbands head to Croatia. Emily's finally daughter-free, and she'll also get closer (make out) with the whole slew of dudes. I doubt that's a coincidence.

Even though she can finally count her guys on two hands, Emily openly admits that she still has "no clue" about some of her "relationships" (here's a clue: those aren't called "relationships," then) so she's excited to investigate those mystery men in a highly orchestrated and supervised setting.

She makes a rare visit to her bro-harem to hand out the first date card of the week, and Ryan immediately marks his territory by peeing on her putting his arm around her. The card is for Travis, he of the symbolic and tragically smashed ostrich egg named SHELLY, and it reads, "Let's look for love beyond the walls." I think she means "beyond the pale."  Read More...



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