Pretty Little Liars Preview: The Girls Learn An Important Lesson About Truth

Melissa returned to Rosewood in this week's Pretty Little Liars, but with a surprise: she was no longer pregnant.  According to her, she lost the baby three months ago, but some investigation by Spencer revealed that Melissa's story was fabricated.  So...what did happen to the baby?  Meanwhile, Spencer's mother told her daughters that she was taking on Garrett's case because she believed he was innocent.

Jenna's lies finally caught up with her when the Liars confronted her about being able to see.  According to Jenna, she's a target and pretending to be blind is the only way she can remain safe.  Is she lying?  More than likely.  Lucas was acting suspiciously throughout the episode, including visiting Mona, who wouldn't shut up for all she had been quiet since the beginning of the season.  Finally, Emily confronted Aria's mother about fixing her grade on the test last week, but Ella and Ezra covered for Emily and let her keep the grade. Read More...


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