'Bachelorette' Bonus Videos: Much Like His Archery Technique, Chris's 'Yawn Move' Fails Miserably

Thanks to cocky, trophy-wife-seeking Ryan's many ridiculous quotes, hygiene rituals and tanktops, we definitely weren't yawning during last night's Bachelorette episode. But now that Emily has eliminated the last remaining "villain," will there be enough drama to sustain our attention as she continues to look for her husband on TV?
Personally, these deleted scenes from last night's episode give me hope. Chris may not have Ryan's lady-killer manipulation moves down, but his hapless attempts to get Emily's attention are still entertaining, and definitely more endearing. And unlike Ryan, who had an almost superhuman ability to say the wrong thing at all times, Jef is always ready with the perfect quip ... and it's Emily who bungles her words around him. And with Doug still around to cry at the drop of a hat, clearly there's still plenty of drama left to be enjoyed and mocked this season:



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