Rizzoli & Isles Review: Jane's Heartbreak

Jane Rizzoli can't catch a break. First Dean goes behind her back to catch Paddy. I know Dean has his fans, especially the folks who have read the books but I've never liked him on this show.

Then Jane's father wanders back home after a year just to try and annul his marriage to her mother so he can marry some woman younger than Jane and now it's Casey.

The one guy she liked, the one guy she trusted just kicked her to the curb. "This Is How The Heart Breaks"  Yeah, they're not kidding.

Casey obviously has his reasons. I knew it the second he said he sprained his ankle. But that cold shoulder he gave Jane was downright frigid. Even though she didn't' say it, I could hear the question in her voice. Why aren't I worth an explanation?

I've really liked Casey up to this point so I'm hoping Jane finds out the truth sooner rather than later and I hope Casey sticks around for a while. Read More...



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