'Love in the Wild': Three original girls stay, three go home


"Love in the Wild" picks up right where last week ended - six new girls are there to give the guys a shot at a threesome. And the original women are NOT happy about it. At all. Though Summer's lioness analogy is not correct - prides have multiple female lions all the time, with usually only one or two male lions.Picking TeamsChase picks Jenna, who looks a lot like Ali in the face, actually; Ryan chooses Natalie; Jesse picks Melissa and Tara is ready to claw her eyes out; Jason picks Vanessa; Ken chooses Lindsey, which leaves Boobs McGee with Ben - and Jenny looks so, so sad. She puts on a brave front, but she looks crushed. Don't worry, Jenny, you are so much prettier than her. When Jenny gets back to the lean-to, she tries to strong arm Boobs about her connection with Ben, but it's not confident enough. She is so scared,...



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